Things I learned As a Traveller


At the state-of-art Naaptol studio, I host shows with great enthusiasm and give insights on products to millions of TV viewers.  But when I am travelling, you know how blissful  it is when you are saving up energy  while the world talks to you through people, food, nature, cultures. And I just have to soak up the…

5 Killer Smartphones Under 6K


Being Smart is the need of the Hour and it is no more a tough bargain with smartphone evolution at its peak Evolution is inevitable. It is the process which helped this blue planet come to life. It is how we evolved from a single cellular organism to the most dominant species on the planet….

6 reasons to visit Goa in Summers

go calling

The moment my friends and I think of a getaway, Goa is at the back of everyone’s mind. It’s been the go-to destination for all like me who love beaches, river cruise, partying, boozing, water sports and delicious seafood. That’s my all time favourite place. What makes it more heavenly in summers is the super economical…

5 Refreshing Summer Drinks


To get in the spirit of summer, I love relishing these healthy and yummy summer drinks. They are loaded with nutrients to flush body toxins away and makes me feel energetic. A chef’s kitchen is far too hot and tempers flare in this season. These refreshments are handy to soothe our mind. Best way to beat the summer blues for those…

10 Easy Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day


The deal that matters today is preserving & saving the pale blue dot in the universe, the only place where life exists. Earth is the only home we have had. It deserves to be taken care of, like our own concrete home. Or else we’d continue to dread stepping out in the sweltering heat and…

Best Mango Recipe You Need to Try


Mangoes are certainly the best thing about summer. Perfectly eaten on their own, mangoes taste delicious in  cake, desserts, salads, chicken and what not. I enjoy its fragrance, succulence, sweet & tangy flavour and the fact that the king of all fruits oozes with lots of health benefits. It lowers cholestrol, aides in digestion, protects…

Best Moments with Teddy

7 times girls proved that a teddy bear is her ALL-time love. He is always there for her in the form of romance partner, playmate, confidant, cuddle bearer, bedtime story partner and comfort partner. He probably got lucky to have been invented.