Importance of Yoga


“Inhale peace, exhale stress,take a deep breath, relax your body”. Yes ! It is is the most talked about subject ‘YOG(A)’. Many people wonder how this slow and lazy looking exercise is relevant in today’s fast and furious life. Is it a mere hyped status symbol for wealthy or Rich?. If not, what are the…

Taste The Magic Of “Magic Fry Pan”


Healthy eating may evoke thoughts of boring, unsatisfying meals that may leave you craving truly unhealthy food. This doesn’t have to be the case. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t always have to sacrifice flavor/ taste for nutrition. Healthy foods are infamous for being bland and sometimes simply unpalatable, but there are plenty…

I love doing Naaptol Travel Shows- Anchor Shruti


Favourite moment at naaptol When I received “anchor of the month award.” Also when I was chosen for travel shows. Make up or no Make up Make up and muscles   Do you like acro yoga? Basically, I like any workout.And of course, yoga for flexibility   Tell us about work outside naaptol I have done…

Things I learned As a Traveller


At the state-of-art Naaptol studio, I host shows with great enthusiasm and give insights on products to millions of TV viewers. And it turns the other way round while I am travelling. It is blissful  when you are saving up your studio energy   while the world talks to you through people, food, nature and cultures. All…

5 Killer Smartphones Under 6K


Being Smart is the need of the Hour and it is no more a tough bargain with smartphone evolution at its peak Evolution is inevitable. It is the process which helped this blue planet come to life. It is how we evolved from a single cellular organism to the most dominant species on the planet….

6 reasons to visit Goa in Summers

go calling

The moment my friends and I think of a getaway, Goa is at the back of everyone’s mind. It’s been the go-to destination for all like me who love beaches, river cruise, partying, boozing, water sports and delicious seafood. That’s my all time favourite place. What makes it more heavenly in summers is the super economical…