Beat the Summertime Blues

It is that time of the year when you crave for ways to escape the scorching heat. Summer makes you tired easily. You loose your patience and good looks. Given the pollution and heat, it is impossible to look and smell fresh. Kitchen work, long travel hours, jam-packed trains, busy narrow roads & pollution ridden air, makes one tired at the start of the day. Add to it the long work hours and your energy level will run down dramatically.

Don’t let your beauty & spirit fade this summer. Just follow these steps to beat the season’s harshness.

Face is the index of the mind– Hot sticky summer weather makes everyone fret & frown. To save yourself, avoid going out between 11 a.m to 4 p.m without the required props. Apply SPF50 sunscreen to protect your skin from tanning. Use compact powder to look fresh. Powder will remove the oil from your face and make it look radiant. If you have an oily skin, then you can use a sun block with matte effect. Avoid using gloss as it becomes sticky in the heat. Face wipes should form an essential part of your skin care regime. Remember that it is easy to protect your skin from pigmentation, but tough to get rid of it.

Protect the doorway to your soul– It is imperative to wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays. Sunglasses can help prevent cataract as well as wrinkles around the eyes. Eyes are the the most delicate part and so is the skin around the eyes.

Your Hair is your Crown– The hair gets damaged faster than the skin while under the sun. Use mild shampoo & apply conditioner plus serum to protect those tresses. Wear a hat, cap or scarf to shield them when you go out or else you may get dehydrated quickly.

Fresh as a daisy-You could look fresh but your sweat smell could defy freshness. Use proper talcum powders and deodorants to keep conversations alive.

Dress for Comfort– It is ideal to move towards breathable fabrics like linen and stretchy cotton this season. Wear cotton trousers & semi formal shirts to work. Canary colour dresses are this seasons hottest trend. Summer staples like pastel and candy shades are always in vogue. Cotton kurtis, dresses, linen pants, capris or cotton pants are ideal seasonal wear to feel ice cream cool this summer.

For Happy Summer Feet– Allow your feet to breathe. Wear strappy shoes with comfortable insole which does not become slippery due to sweat. Change your boots everyday and leave it to dry out so that they don’t stink. You can also take a break from formal shoes and switch to loafers or flip-flops. Sneakers and boat shoes is the summer trend that will never fade.

Fresh Natural Diet– Stay hydrated as dehydration reflects on your skin through dark circles, lack of glow, dark patches, etc. Fruits like orange, watermelon, pineapples, berries are best for health and skin in summer. Having whole fruits is more advisable. If you are a salad person , then there is nothing like it. For meat lovers, it is advisable to eat leaner meats like chicken or fish. Bite into some ice gola occasionally.

Pay heed to this & you could survive the hottest days beautifully. Have a cool summer.