Best phone cases to survive the drop

After chickens, active mobile phones have outnumbered humans in the world for the first time.
This just emphasizes the fact that life without a cell phone is unimaginable. But losing or breaking it definitely is. Given the fact that maximum number of people drop their phones at least 3-4 times a month, one needs to seriously consider buying the right mobile case.

On an average, mobile phone users unlock their phone 110 times a day. That increases the chance of losing grip due to hastiness or sweaty hands or a push. Beware! your expensive & most valued possession is at great risk.

To make your phone survive the drop, pick the right mobile case from the ones given below that cost much lesser than your priced possession i.e mobile handset.

Poly-carbonate casesPolycarbonate is light weight, durable & very strong plastic that assures maximum protection against drops & damage. It helps to resist the impact & disperse the shock of the fall. It is used in bulletproof glass, eyeglasses, etc. There are many good designs in polycarbonate cases to pep up your cell phone exterior. The downside is that it is slippery like silicone.

Leather cases– Most mobile phone cases are made of faux-leather with an extra padding to shield the impact effectively. Leather cases have an aesthetic appeal but does not provide the strongest protection. Ideal in summer, it helps maintain firm grip with sweaty hands; thereby preventing it from dropping. The surface is smooth & does not develop scratches. It lacks the shock proof properties.

Aluminium Cases – Having metal properties, aluminium cases are hard & sturdy. It protects from developing scratches & cracks from daily wear & tear. It protects the phone from shock damage as well.

Plastic cases– It is an inexpensive way of protecting your phone from daily wear & tear. It can be broken easily due to high impact fall. Plastic cases come in the best colours & designs.

Silicone cases– The shock-absorption property of silicone cases has made it very popular with owners of smart phones. But in terms of strength, it only protects against low-impact fall & minor scratches. If you are good at cell phone handling, then this is just for you. The upside is that like rubber cases, they often expand to the exact contours of the phones they protect.

Flip Cases– It is made of faux-leather. They now come in a combination of plastic to cover the back of the phone & padded faux-leather to cover the front screen. Flip cases provide an all-round protection & are popular amongst business users.

People often buy a mobile case based on its aesthetic appeal. However, it is advisable to consider the material for an excellent overall experience. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Next time you drop your phone, make sure it has a case on it.