Elegant Jewelleries For Elegant Women

Jewellery Set

Jewellery Set

A woman’s beauty is incomplete without a jewellery. Jewellery is not just a piece of ornament for a woman, it is epitome of her beauty & accentuates her elegance. Jewelleries reflect her womanhood. From a hairpin, bracelet, earrings to toe-rings and anklets, women love to adorn their beauty with jewellery items. If you regard jewellery as your best companion to accentuate your beauty, then you can bedazzle your elegance with our collection comprising pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles & bracelets and many more. From pendants to bracelets, you can check out an extensive array of jewelleries waiting to grace your simplicity.

Naaptol brings you premium jewelleries from renowned brands like Oleva, Kriaa, Vendee Fashion, Sia Jewellery, Adhira, Aakshi, Variation and many more. Each jewellery available at our online store is a result of exceptional craftsmanship and thus what jewellery piece you receive from us is simply supreme.

Every individual’s likeness and fascination for jewellery varies according to style. Some love to sport fashion jewelleries while some take a liking for artificial jewellery sets. Naaptol is the only one-stop source where you can get jewellery in various style and designs. Whether you want to sport a jewellery for a evening party or adorn it for wedding occasions, you can get the jewellery of your style for every occasion.

Sparkling surprises to explore in our jewellery collection – jewellery combos and artificial jewellery sets. If you love owning variety of jewelleries in one offer, then you can go for jewellery combos. Each jewellery combo is stunning, filled with variety of sets like necklace sets, pendant, kundan work necklace set, openable kada etc. In our artificial jewellery section, you can have a glimpse at various range of jewelleries comprising gold plated necklace, bridal wear necklace, pendant set, diamond pendant set, coral necklace & many more.

Pendants – The pendant store at Naaptol boasts of aesthetically crafted pendant creations which comprise brass mangalsutra, gold finished mangalsutra pendant, rhodium plated CZ jewellery, valentine pendant, gold pendant set, pendant set with gold finish, pearl pendant & more.

Rings – Our jewellery store gives you variety of options to choose from our designer rings. From engagement special ring, diamond ring, CZ ring, silver finished ring, fashionable rhodium plated studded solitaire double ring, gold & rhodium plated ring to ethnic gold ring, you can explore a wide collection of rings and pick the one that suits your style.

Earrings – Inspired by elegance, our earrings are designed to accentuate your style.
We offer a wide range of unique earrings that would glitter up your ears. Excited to explore our earring collection? Then we welcome you to our store which boasts of captivating earrings. From stylish stone studded earrings, floral ceramic pearl earrings, diamond earrings, designeer earring tops, beads earrings, traditional earrings to gold plated ruby earrings, we offer it all.

Bangles & Bracelets – A women’s attire is incomplete if it isn’t adorned with bangles and bracelets. If you desire to add more bangles & bracelets to your collection, then check out our extensive store which comprises gold plated openable kada, gold plated bangles, bangle set, pourni bangles, stone studded bangles, gold plated bangles, coral bracelet, kundan kada, oval kada, peora bracelet, pearl bangles & more. Choose any bangle or bracelet from Naaptol store and you will be sure to receive flattering compliments for your elegance.

From nose pins, anklet chain, nose ring, chabi challa to jewellery boxes, Naaptol is your complete online store for fashion jewellery, platinum jewellery, bridal jewellery and pearl jewellery.