Stylish Aluminium Secure Wallet

Aluminium Secure Wallet

Stylish Aluminium Secure Wallet – Buy 1 Get 2 Free

Is your wallet water-resistant? Does your wallet has the space for placing 10 to 12 cards? Does it has the safety lock? If your wallet doesn’t has any of the features, then it is time to safeguard your valuables with new, stylish aluminium secure wallet. This stylish aluminium secure wallet offers ample space to store 10 to 12 cards. This sleek aluminium wallet has 7 fan shaped pockets and is completely water resistant. Thus your valuables won’t get wet even if the wallet falls in water or mud. The best part of this wallet is that it has a safety lock. This aluminium secure wallet is available in four colours : Silver, Black, Red & Blue. Thus you can choose the aluminium secure wallet of your choice. Now store and safeguard your valuables in style with aluminium secure wallet.

Material: Aluminium casing
Pocket Material: Tear proof P.V.C (Polyvinyl chloride)
Ultra-slim & lightweight
Resin shell inside
Capacity: 7 Fan shaped pockets to fit 10 to 12 cards
Identity theft protection, RFID blocking
Safety lock
Totally water- resistant
Colour: Silver
Size/Dimension of Wallet(External):110(L) x 75(W) x 20(D) mm
Size/Dimension of Wallet(Internal): 95(L) x 60(W) mm
Weight of single wallet: 80 g
Available Colours: Silver, Black, Red, Blue

Package Contents:
3 Stylish Aluminium Secure Wallets