The 2-Hour Chef – Simple way to cook

Whoever agreed that one must not live to eat- but eat to live, has either hated spending a lot of time sweating it out in the kitchen or never had a foodgasm. We all value & love the packet of crispy chips, bowl of savory soup, slice of cheese laden pizza, sizzling steaks, or killer kebabs.

All of us have a list of cuisines we devour. That’s why crores of multi-cuisine restaurants or small eateries dot every area to tickle our taste buds. We appreciate flavours & cultures from around the globe, that we tweak to some extent. We know eating out frequently is expensive & not health-friendly. So, online recipes is what we look for. We can make lebanese food, thai, grilled, tandoori & desserts in microwave or grills that do not cost a bomb anymore & saves much of our time. What’s more, the portable aspect to it enables us to have BBQ parties at home, camp or beach.

The world is busier than ever. Putting yourself on your priority list is tough. When we return home with a grumpy tummy, we like to see the tastiest food ready at the table & our bed nicely done for us. How could we present our future selves some happiness & relaxation most of the time? Here are ways to get this sorted

Food Processor – The Big Magic Appliance

Don't chop your finger in a hurry

Don’t chop your finger in a hurry

Women still have motherhood as a full time occupation that keeps them from pursuing their dreams. They rarely get to have a leisurely breakfast. For working women who juggle between home & office; waiting to retire from a hard day’s work, seems forever. You are sorted if your cooking is partially automated. You can chop or grind all the staple vegetables, mince meat or knead dough automatically in minutes through the food processor, fill it in containers & refrigerate for a week long use. Making rotis is another time-consuming task that can be done in minutes through an electric Electronic roti maker . This will just cut down your cooking time drastically.

Multitasking in a smart way will not only save your energy, but also make you feel like a wonder woman.

Junior Chefs in the making


Parenting can really tax your patience. Be easy on yourself & stop spoon feeding your children all the time. More than they love eating with their own hands, they love cooking. It is important to make them independent as it instills in them a sense of confidence. Teach your 11-12 year olds 10 healthy & easy-to-make snacks. Let them use the toaster or sandwich maker. Electric Air fryers helps to make a healthy snack without using oil. They can make their favourite snack like french fries, banana chips or popcorn easily without the risk of fire or burns. These electric food makers will make cooking seem like play.

Induction is the way to go

People who do not have proper job opportunities in their state or city, find work far away from home only to live in the memory of “maa ke haath ka khana”. Some live without gas connection while otehrs purchase it in black at higher price.. Only if they knew there are electric cooktops that cook faster than LPG gas stoves, their life would be simpler. Features like overheat protection, no fire risk & energy efficiency make induction cooktops sell like hot cakes.

Now that you know what it takes to be a 2-hour chef, get going to save some time for leisure & fun.