Unboring Ways to Wear A Tee

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Why opt for old ways when various clothing styles have been redefined to pep-up your dressing?

All you need to do is add a dash of style to walk around with confidence.

You do not have to splurge on expensive labels or go for a wardrobe overhaul to keep up with current fashion demands. All you need to do is use your wardrobe clothes in a smart way.

Thinking of dumping the t-shirt you have been flaunting day in,day out? Think again. You can wear a checks print shirt over it for the uber cool look. Keep the front or only the top few buttons open, just like the ironically- most non-violent Rajput played by Imran Khan did in the movie -’Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane na’.

What you wear speaks oodles about your personality. So dress for the impression you want to make.

Sometimes you need to put across a message without having to say it to everyone. Facebook & twitter have been means to do that. Another way is to flaunt a printed slogan T-shirt that reflect the mood of the person wearing it. It has been a big hit in the fashion addict B-town. Artsy t-shirts is just the coolest fad followed by most, to be under the limelight. Ranveer Singh was recently seen sporting a “t” with “Saxy” printed on it.

Yes, casual is a the new sexy. If sexy is on your mind, then the casual look of Ranveer Singh in “Dil Dhadakne Do” is the best bet. Pair a casual white t-shirt with any grey slim fit Denims for a lean look. If you have extra fla or protruding belly then go for cargo pants & loose t-shirt to cheat your way to a fit look. Wearing sunglasses, shiny watch & pair of classy sneakers will take you a step ahead in fashion & make you feel stylishly liberated.

Kurtas often associated with journalists or social workers, is deemed as too casual for work. But the trend got back with a bang. The stylish nehru jacket transformed kurtas into a Desi Elite Attire. Raj Singhania in 24 TV series, Arjun Rampal in Rajneeti, or Modi at Madison, are known to have carried off Nehru’s legacy confidently. It can also be worn like a waist coat on shirts. This desi elite style will make you want to wait to flaunt it for making a classy & intellectual impression

What’s more, there are three must-have jackets that revolutionized the fashion industry. Leather jacket for the tough look that can be paired with funky or plain t-shirt & jeans. Blazer for the formal yet cool look. And the super trendy denim jacket that can be worn with camel pants or any contrast colour casual pants while traveling, schooling, attending college or parties.

So now is time to perk up your casual avatar with these tips & look dashingly rocktastic daily.