6 reasons you need a selfie stick

When did you last wish for longer arms?

To touch the tip of Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest building; or climb the top of the architectural masterpiece and click a selfie?

Remember the days we played games like ‘pakda pakdi’ ,‘chor police’ & ‘hide & seek’. Failure to catch the thief only made us wish we had longer arms & faster pace. But now the selfie fad has taken over. We only wished for an arms extension to get the perfect selfie. To do the job just fine we have selfie sticks which is deemed as the best invention by Times Magazine.

You would be amazed to know the best uses of a selfie stick.

1) Travelling Solo

While Traveling Solo

While Traveling Solo

When everyone around you is busy capturing memories, you need not disturb strangers. You have the best companion to rely on to suit your narcissist image. It saves time. You can click your own pics anywhere without getting conscious of the camera person.

2) Cruising heights

While Cruising Heights

While Cruising heights

If you are on a mountain top or perched on a cliff-top, then you can click the perfect selfie without the fear of dropping your phone. Only with the selfie stick, you can click pictures at places you never thought it was impossible

3) Portable, Cheap & Light

Lighter & Cheaper Than Tripod

It is Lighter & Cheaper Than Tripod

Travelling or hiking with a heavy tripod or monopod is energy consuming & tiring. What could be a better & cheaper alternative than the feather light selfie stick? Travel light, Travel smart.

4) Click the world’s largest selfie

World's Largest Mass Selfie

World’s Largest Mass Selfie by Nokia Lumia

The upside of this great innovation is that you can click mass selfies & set a world record. So, if you really wish to break the record of Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh, get a nice selfie stick now.

5) Celebs Love it too

Hollywood's New Selfie Prop

Hollywood’s New Selfie Prop

Celebs could not thank the selfie stick enough to capture their red carpet moments. Even they do not want to miss out on great shots. What’s more, President Obama was seen using a selfie stick in a video. Leonardo DiCaprio was caught on camera using a selfie stick.

6) Shooting Selfie Videos
giphy (1)
You do not have to roam around with a handy-cam & burden your wrist. You can use the selfie stick to make videos of you under water, on the cliff-top, near the waterfall, etc.

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