8 Funny Shopping Reactions

Here are 8 funny reactions to shopping that most of us can relate to.

1) OMG! I Love it !

More often, than not, you spot something out of the world, from which you can’t take your eyes off. If you don’t buy it, then it follows you wherever you go like a ghost in your head.

2) Shopping? I’m Coming

I am comng to shop

Whether you are in a middle of an argument, movie show or meal, ‘Shopping’ & ‘Sale’ are the words to make you get on your feet & rush towards the mall or store.

3) Sale! Sale! Sale!


Your wait is finally over. You keep yourself from buying the products of your favourite brand because of the exorbitant price & finally your patience pays off in the form of sale.

4) Buy 1 Get 2 Free. Hurray!

shoes when you get 3 for 999

You dive into the sea of products as soon as you spot buy 2 get 2 free offer or get 3 shirts for Rs. 999 only. You feel it is the right time to buy & end up buying for the entire family.

5) She Just won’t Choose


You are with a confused shopper who tries ten different things but just won’t buy. If you need a trick to speed things up, this expression might work if done confidently.

6) Shop till he Drops

when the bill is high

Going on a shopping spree is fun but it may pose health issues to the one who has to pay the bill. The world seems better while shopping but it jolts you awake when it digs a hole in your pocket.

7) Enough of Ads

Enough- when too many ads flash on your screen-GIF

When you open a website & multiple ads start popping out. Some ads follow you wherever you go while you browse online.

8) Confession of a shopaholic


When your mom asks you what are you going to do with the dozen shoes you bought in the recent sale if you buy a new one now, you make her believe how retail therapy is the way to happy living.

No matter what the reactions are, shopping is more fun now than ever due to the frequent online sales, cashback offers, online credits, reward points & APP offers. Moreover, whatever you want to buy is just a click away-> Naaptol