Select the Right Athletic Shoes

The Sole is the SOUL of the Shoes There lies the key to good health & performance. Choosing the right shoe can transform the way you are at your job. It can do wonders. But worn out or wrong shoes can invite a host of potential injuries. Don’t put your back, knees, joints & health at stake. Invest in the right quality shoe & make your workout or sports activity a more pleasant experience.

The old adage, “ One must have all the good tools in place to do a good job” seems truer than ever. Sports shoes are designed considering the characteristics of each sport

Run like the wind


According to Michigan State University Extension, running shoes should be replaced after every 350 to 500 miles. It’s important to buy a shoe appropriate to your gait. Running shoes have inbuilt shock absorbing ability are for joggers. They cushion the ball of the foot & prevent foot fatigue. Light-weight walking shoes are for walkers

Smash it like Sachin

Wearing shoes with spikes in some form is important for all the players in the cricket team, may it be a batsmen, fielder or bowler. Full spikes and half spike cricket shoes provide varying levels of grip on the field. Shoes with spikes all over the sole are worn by bowlers, whereas, batsmen wear a hybrid pair with spikes on the sole unit & rubber studs on the other half.

Bend it Like Beckham

football shoes

football shoes

Knowing how to bend the ball is not enough. Wearing the right football shoes plays a vital role in it. Or else your legs will have to bear the brunt. It is imperative to wear boots that suit the pitch you are playing on. Unlike others, football shoes are available as per weather condition. Players end up buying two shoes to suit the season’s pitch. Sole with metal studs is designed for use on a muddy or soft pitch where extra traction is needed in order to avoid sliding . A shoe with moulded studs or blades is ideal for all dry or firm pitch. On an Astroturf pitch, there is no need to have studs on the sole. Football trainers with dimpled soles will work.
However, ill fitting trainers can cause serious back, knee and hip pain, achilles tendonitis, leg pain, traumatized toes and painful blisters. Changing what you wear on your feet can prevent it.

Thrash it like Sania

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes and badminton shoes are as important as buying a racquet. They are designed taking into account the way you move around a court. They are heavier and stiffer than running shoes, as their toes are built for stop-and-go action.The make of tennis shoes is such that it helps you maintain a firm grip due to its side-to-side movement stability & shock absorption feature. Whereas, in Badminton shoes, the sole tread is designed to suit the frequent backwards, forwards left and right movements.

Climb like a Pro

Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

Different hiking boots are made for different terrains and it’s important to choose wisely. On a flat terrain,a tennis shoe , walking shoe or sneaker can work just fine. But you need a hiking boot to climb a rocky terrain. One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on hiking footwear is the essential amount of sole tread that will allow your shoe to grip uneven surfaces and prevents slippage while climbing down a slope..