Easiest Abs Exercise of All Time

Have you been dreading the strenuous ab workout? Time to rejoice. Now you can swing your way to a flat belly. The couch potato can give way to ab twister machine for a healthy, simple and fun method of exercising while watching TV. Stay hooked to your favourite TV show while you swing forward and backward on the AB Rocket Twister, burning your calories and getting entertained at the same time. What’s more, this excellent fitness equipment is more effective than you doing ab curls on your own.

Here are reasons to believe that the ab rocket is a health saviour

1) It is the Fastest Fat Burning Machine

The second quickest way after this, if you stay alive to try it, is ab rocket exerciser. Using ab exercise machine can help you lose weight regularly. You can adjust the strings for a low resistance ab workout so that you can swing along & enjoy a nice massage while watching TV.

2) It strengthens your muscles

This will not only strengthen your upper and middle abdominal, and oblique muscles, but also your back muscles done by the resistance strings. You will not get this if you do the ab curl-ups just by yourself.

3) Cheat Eat or Drink, and Stay Fit


Expecting a Flat Beer belly is like eating the whole cake thinking it to be a small muffin. You can cheat eat or cheat drink only if are an AB Rocket User. Just swing along without worrying anymore about the common issue of hurting your neck and back because the rocket twister provides support on that area.

4) It has three levels of resistance


The ab rocket twister has three strings on each side that can be adjusted from low, moderate to high resistance for beginners and professionals

5) Light weight and stored easily
Unlike other exercise machines, this ab rocket twister can be folded and kept in the cabinet or below the bed. Besides that, it will not occupy much space while working out in your room.

6) Instructional DVDs

It has instructional workout with diet plan in its DVD. Just run the DVD and you can join in the beginner, intermediate or advanced workout sessions. It also has a cardio class.
At Rs 2999, the ab rocket promises that it is going to work your upper and lower Abs, and also give you a massage at the same time. Now you decide whether you want to live with or without it.