7 Ways to Lift Your Weekday Mood

Breaking a bad mood is no rocket science. You only need to put some action in your life to be happy. Kill the irrepressible need to escape Mondays by embracing it with a happy attitude. After all, happiness is a journey not a final destination. Follow the law of attraction that states, people who exude enthusiasm and energy, pull success and joy towards them.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s unpack the bundle of success by implementing the following steps.

Sing like a rockstar every morning


You need a song to get along with Weekdays. Spring up from bed and sing to your heart’s desire. Have you ever seen small children dance around the hallway from the bedroom after waking up? Go back in time. Dance and sing to breathe some life into your mornings. Celebrity- Shailene Woodley follows this routine every morning.

Exercise Theraphy

Have you wondered about people who skip the sidewalk and smile at people on the way? People with a happy gait are not overnight millionaires or madly in love. Nothing is upbeat except their approach to life. As per studies, walking around helps the mind wander to observe the beauties of life. And hence, exercise is nature’s mood elevator that helps the mind to stay focused and strong.
Remember, you are only one workout away from a good mood.

Need a Coffee Kick?

People in India prefer a good strong cuppa’ anytime. It is an antidote to laziness- the mother of all bad habits. Having coffee empty stomach invites gastro disease and a host of troubles. So always munch something with it or have it post breakfast.

Dress up


Within your wardrobe lies the secret to looking good and feeling great. Dressing up may make people dart glances of admiration at you, thereby making you feel good and confident.
If you can camouflage your dullness and bad mood with a bright outfit, then why not? Wear clothes that have good memories attached to it and give away the ones that remind you of a breakup, a bad date, a cat fight, or probably, a bad day.

Leisurely breakfast

Most working women and men, and home-makers with a tight schedule crave for leisurely breakfast. A hearty morning-meal can save you from hunger pangs, and thus distraction, during your busy day. Fruits can be a saviour. You can make a healthy sandwich if you are short of time.

Smile the Miles

Courtesy- Tumblr

Courtesy- Tumblr

“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile” — Charlie Chaplin. You can’t always be laughing around if you want to be taken seriously. However, your worries won’t get resolved if you stop smiling. Smiling is construed as charity(act of giving), and givers are valued.
Smile at your ever-so concerned mom and hug your family before sprinting out the door. No matter how tensed you are at work, just smile at your colleagues to feel lighter.

Work to get inspired

As Pablo Picasso puts it, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” If you are delaying something just because you do not feel inspired or passionate enough to do it, then change your attitude. You need to put your mind and brain into action for cracking ideas, enhancing knowledge, and being successful at whatever you take up in life.

So, Get Going Now! Infuse positivity with these simple ways in your daily life and feel the magic.