6 ways to save money while shopping

Saving is at the back of everyone’s mind, may it be, a working individual or someone who has to manage the expenses in a given budget. No one aims to be penny-wise and pound foolish. But it is human nature to end up spending a lot when you have large sums, and save on repairs and imperative expenses when you have small sums of money. The downside is, we never plan for the most cost intensive part of our budget, and that is- Shopping.

For instance, your wife may not be in a shopping mood but while wandering around the aisle of a mall she might stumble upon a Steve madden shoe or Swarovski ring with a whopping price between the range of 5k-20k. KaBoom! Your budget is in shambles.

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We also do a lot of impulsive buying in super markets or during festive season where offers are, more often than not, want based rather than need.

In the era where budgeting finances carefully is hallmark of sustainable future, we will help you create a shopping plan to support it. It works for all types of customers from loyal, impulsive, discount oriented to wandering and mood based.

Use Coupons

There are a great deal of discount coupons for everything from food, electronics to clothes, toys and more. Sites like couponrani One India coupons, HindustanTimes coupons , Cuponation and Upto75 have the discount codes listed on their website. You can use them under the apply code section while purchasing the product.

Redeem Reward points


What is your shopping score? You score some reward points on making transactions or paying bills through debit or credit card. So you can split the bill with payback points.
There are so many who keep shopping online or at virtual stores unaware of the concept called ‘reward points redemption’. Banks usually redeem your unused points at the end of every year.

Did you know you can also earn points on writing product reviews?

Check for Discounts & Sale

You will never fall short of sale online. Thanks to our diversity, we have so many festivals that ‘sale toh banta hai’. It is always beneficial to wait it out. You spotted branded denims at a mall. Look up online and you would get the same at 30-50% off. Keep searching and comparing the offers online for the best deals and timely delivery.
And now with cash on delivery and easy return policies, it is all the more convenient to shop online. So all the discount oriented customers should subscribe to emailers or follow their social media channels to stay updated on best offers.



Check out for buy 1 get 1 offers, Combo deals, freebies and heavily discounted products to save oodles of moolah. This way you would not just save but also feel that you did a lot of shopping.


There are a host of contests online. So? Does that mean you keep playing them? Who has the time? Well,there is no harm in spending an hour on contest trying your luck for winning a 15k phone which would save your 40-70 hours work pay.

Naaptol is celebrating its 8th B’Day where it is giving away gifts to all shoppers. All you have to do is shop for a product you like and win bikes, 800 smartphones and assured gift vouchers worth Rs 2000. The bumper prize is Mahindra Car KUV.

Download APP

In a bid to get maximum app installs, many shopping sites provide app specific deals and shopping codes for extra discounts on app shopping. Next time you have to buy an SD card or jewelry, check for offers on app. It will be way cheaper.

So, to stay away from Whopping Shopping Spent, put yourself in the habit to shop smart and make a lot more money.