Breaking the Male Stereotypes

It is tough to be a man or woman in a world daunted by stereotypes. Men often have to conform to the views they do not agree with. This international men’s day, lets pledge to break the stereotypical image.

Cry and let it out


“Stop crying like a girl” is a clichéd dialogue with a long lost motive. Tears are as natural as a smile. Men are not conditioned to choke up on their feelings. Do not let it pent up inside. Emotionally and physically Strong people do cry. You can also cry on something as silly as your favourite player losing the match or driving slowly behind a herd of sheep for long.

Real Men Wear Pink


Masculinity cannot be defined by colour of clothing. Pink makes a man look classy, flamboyant and smart. Gone are the days of the old fashioned men’s men. Break the stereotype and be courageous enough to wear pink. Big fashion houses manufacture formal shirts, t-shirts, suits, pants in varied hues of pink that absolutely look great. Pinktober saw all celebrities and civilians flaunting pink with style.

Let her pay the bill


Always paying for someone is not a crucial requirement to be a man. Allow her pay the bill for a change. After all, a man and woman are equal in a relationship. Also, be man enough to let woman have choices regarding jobs.

Go shopping on your own


Bored of following your partner around the stores? Women would hate doing that too. Time to break the stereotype than men hate shopping. It is fun to indulge in shopping alone or with your mates and men across the globe are loving it. If it is tiresome and you like relaxing in free time then go online shopping.

Born to knit?

Photo- Alamy

Photo- Alamy

Knitting is no more just a woman’s pastime. In fact men ruled knitting for centuries and are now getting back to what they were a pro at. Infact, knitting should be considered as a hobby as it calms your nerves.

Go on and just do it. Follow this practical plan and break free from being controlled by wrong notions.