7 must-have gadgets under 2K

So, 4 years ago, I moved out of home to pursue my acting and anchoring career in Mumbai. My mom who can never stop worrying herself over my well-being, reminded me of her list of advices time and again. Some of them go back to childhood days. Keep your phone switched on, always answer my call, take care of your health, don’t use your phone while driving, stay safe from burglars and the list goes on. Today, she might think I have improved and finally listened to her.

The truth is, these gadgets sorted all her complaints.

  1. The Go-to phone

For an easy life on the road, I Kall K42 feature phone is the best bet. I mean, what more you can ask for? 8000 mAh power bank cum tripe sim feature phone with 90 days standby time & Wi-Fi dongle. On an average people spend close to Rs 700-800 on only an 8000 mAh power bank. Then why not invest in your ideal go-to phone cum power bank. If you go without charging, the battery will last for 20 days. Isn’t it the best backup phone and an ideal travel contingency plan?

  2. All in1 Band For whatsapp, Call & Fitness Alert


They say it is a confidence booster. And How! At the end of my morning run, my smart fitness band transforms me into an achiever by telling me the calories burnt. It monitors, steps taken, distance covered.  I can miss sleep but never my morning run. I also stay hydrated & fit, thanks to its drinking water requirement reminder.

What’s more, gadgets you wear on your wrist are either smartwatch or fitness tracker. This one is both. I am always updated with whatsapp messages, calls, emails and time, on the go.

 3. Budget Security Investment –Worth it

Sunflower-Design-Wireless-Wi-Fi-Camera-Baby-Monitor-0001 (1)

You have a child? Own a shop? Keep the house locked for long? Working couple? Need to keep a check on your maid or outside workers? Old parents at home? If yes, then this lamp shaped gadget is the ideal surveillance camera in disguise. Hope my maid is not reading this. Since I stay away for shoots, I monitor my home on mobile from my car, office, sets, or while shopping. It has an in-built microphone too.

4. Best Shower Mate

I’ve always liked to play some great music as I soak in the warm bathing water. But,  I’d never risk my hi-end phone or my mom’s most important advice for this. Bluetooth Shower speaker does the trick. So, dear bathroom singers, here’s a deal to spare our ears and add some melody to your life.  Waterproof shower speaker is my bathroom mate I never forget. Connect this wireless gadget to your playlist on laptop or mobile via Bluetooth and enjoy life’s little opportunities

5. The Small wonder

camera-7-4-15 (1)

There are many hidden wonders in small things. The zync bluetooth headset cum smallest phone  is the wondrous of all.  It acts as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. You can save upto 250 numbers. It has a Dialpad, Answer & disconnect keys and a Small display screen. Now you can drive safe, and also sneak in this tiniest phone into places.

 6. Get Armed against Burglars

One can sleep away to glory without worrying about their valuables being stolen. This electronic safe has a voice alert. Just key in your passcode and no one can decode it. Its portable & light-weight aspect, allows you carry it along on vacations.  You can turn this stylish electronic safe into a piggy bank by dropping in coins & currency notes from the coin and currency slot. So, next time anyone tampers with your valuable they will get the shock of their lives.

7. More power to you

Imagine you are recording your daughter’s first walk and the digital camera conks off. You have back-to-back business conference call and the battery is about to die. In such instances a 15000 mAh power bank works as a saviour for all smartphone, iphone, ipad and tablet users. Unic Portable charger features LED light indication for charging and built in intelligent charging, over discharging with short circuit protection facility.  Best part is that at Rs 1600 you get digital camera & mp3 player compatibility, too.

So,this is the gadget freaks way to be the obedient Maa Ka Ladlaa. Get the gyaan & stay tuned for more gadget updates with me your Gadget Guru – Vinayak.