10 Easy Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day

The deal that matters today is preserving & saving the pale blue dot in the universe, the only place where life exists.

Earth is the only home we have had. It deserves to be taken care of, like our own concrete home. Or else we’d continue to dread stepping out in the sweltering heat and get caked up with pollution ridden breeze. Let our hands earn something beautiful. If not, oodles of antibiotics, skin protection creams & make up won’t be successful in shielding our skin and health from nature’s wrath/ the weather’s crippling effects.


Let’s do the reality check

1) Use eco-friendly LED bulbs


2) Turn Off Vibrations, Dim Your Screen, Shorten Screen Timeout & turn off GPS of your smartphone to save battery

3) Turn off the computer & TV completely at night

4) Use cloth or gunny bags & say no to plastic

5) Pay your bills online to save paper.


6) Combine all the errands for the week in one trip or shop online

7) Try to get involved with nature and chuck gadget use for the weekend. Read a book, go on a hike, take cycling as a hobby.


8) Dress right for the season to avoid wasting electricity when not required.

9) Take gardening as a hobby or plant a small tree.


10) Clean your closet &  donate in charity.


Now get moving, to make the best of life & save mother nature