My Weekend Mantra

Just few hours from now, the magical weekend shall kick-off.  The BIG Question here is, we count on our weekend, but do we make it count. To be successful one has to relax and let go of the week long stress as best ideas come to a relaxed mind. Here’s how you can go on a two-day long relaxation spree that will make you happier & productive.

Leisurely Mornings

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My heart goes out to all the mothers out there who never get leisurely mornings. As an anchor, my schedule is very hectic; back to back shoots, at times, late night shoots followed by early morning shoots. So, on my days off, I prefer having a leisurely breakfast or travel to a resort to unwind while admiring the beauty.  Resorts are the best place for a quick retreat because they are nestled amidst the beauty of nature. Hilly terrains, flowers gardens, lakes, beaches and more. I enjoy indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, and go for a relaxing spa.

Connect with yourself

Journey of the self through the self


Exercise, meditate and rejuvenate to take an inward journey. We know our jobs but how much do we know ourselves.  Ever wondered how great ideas come in the shower? It increases dopamine flow, essential for motivation and creativity, and distracts the mind. I practise yoga as my favourite hobby for it takes my mindset to whole new level of joy. It create dopamine rush like spotting a tiger in front of you triggers sudden rush of adrenaline.

Go Tripping

Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada, Goa

Find a mini getaway close to home, pack your bags & take-off from the daily grind. Travelling makes you smarter, humble and turns you into a storyteller. There is nothing like travelling with friends. We friends make it a point to go on a road trip  every month. Driving down, we sing and dance our way, to a nearby picturesque place, to romance nature and have a great time.

Party like a rockstar


Work hard and play hard is my life mantra. You can dance your way to good health. Dancing certainly releases happy hormones. If not clubbing, then you can chill at home, read good books, listen to music or have a mini dance-athon with friends or siblings at home.

Give back

Cuddle up with pets

Cuddle up with pets

Giving is most important part of our being. It adds value to you. Cuddle up your pets, hug your mom, play with little children at home and get lost in the chuckles and giggles of innocent creatures. There is nothing like bringing joy to the lives of others for love is all that’s there.

Promise me that you will make this weekend count. Time to to turn the most awaited weekend into the most cherished one. And, then start Monday with a bang!