Things I learned As a Traveller

At the state-of-art Naaptol studio, I host shows with great enthusiasm and give insights on products to millions of TV viewers. And it turns the other way round while I am travelling. It is blissful  when you are saving up your studio energy   while the world talks to you through people, food, nature and cultures. All  I do is  just have to soak up the fun. That’s unwinding.

Travel broadens my mind with exposure to different people and feeds my soul with humility and gratitude toward my blessings and through serenity of nature. You learn to appreciate the world in its broad spectrum and realise that no matter how different we are, we are all just the same.

Embracing challenges


My soul has traversed the depth of sea and now it is ready to brave nature’s majesty.

It was minus 5 degrees at Pangong lake, Ladakh,  where we where camping.I could not feel my fingers. I fumbled while talking.  So I embraced the challenge and took off my shirt to feel the freezing cold wind. learnt to acclimatise myself.  It demanded the sacrifice of my comfort.

Truly, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. That cliched dialogue keeps circulating around, but it seems truer than ever.

Appreciate the creation


Travel makes you see  things not seen before. It takes you away from hustle bustle of your daily routine and makes you experience something unusual. At Pangong lake  I saw an unusually beautiful beautiful amalgamation of water, sand and hills at one place at one spot and at Bangkok I saw a dolphin show, and at Manali I heard the silent river making the most pleasant noise.

Partying brings the world closer.


At Thailand, people from across nationalities were dancing away to glory on the streets because  pubs are very costly there. Open air disco  had Europeans, Australians, Bangladeshis, Indians partying together and participating in competitions. The world is divided, but when it comes to partying, the world becomes one. This just emphasizes that you do not need money to enjoy life.

Get inspired

I met a bikers gang from 21 yrs of age to 70+ yrs of age that rode from Tamil Nadu to Khardungla in Ladakh. They do it every year. Made me wonder why am I limiting myself. So, I decided to plan two trips every year. One in India and one abroad.

Travel allows you to be yourself

Travel lets you discover yourself and introspect. I know people who can have a sound sleep while travelling because they know they cannot work in the bus so their minds are free of the burden. Unwinding helps you work better. I got some me time while travelling. Peace of mind is what workaholics like me look for. That is why I prefer  Manali over Shimla because Manali is less crowded.  Manali riverside is a spot where you can get lost and enjoy.

Respect cultures

thai14    unnamed
American writer, Mark Twain, rightly said, “Travel is fatal to bigotry, narrow-mindedness and prejudice.”  It helps you relish food new to your taste buds. It makes you experience unknown cultures and be more tolerant. We avoid burnt toast at home but we get burnt bun burgers which is savoured in Thailand and tastes yumm.

Travel makes you humble

You see how small I appear standing against the backdrop of landscape. Just imagine what a speck you are in this spectacular world.  The moment You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world, you turn modest.  More so, the sooner you realise this the lesser burden of ego and self glory you carry with you. It is the key to happiness.

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