11 Travel Must-haves you can’t Miss

– by Nikita Padave

Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. We often just get lost in la la land and not make it a reality by staying back due to budget constraints or laziness to plan. Today travel is not just meant for honeymoon, religious pilgrimage or hometown visits. Weekend getaways or a vacation abroad is now only a click away.

So when was the last time you were vacationing? The cozy weather, picturesque sights, and off course sumptuous food is best way to unwind. And to make it memorable and hassle free, planning is really important.

We book places, we pack our bags, but we often tend to forget must-have accessories to carry with us. It’s tricky thing. Whether you are planning for an adventurous trip or beach-side one, these must-have accessories will make your travel life easier!

Smart Band because health is in your hands!

While you travel you tend to miss out on drinking water or eat in excess. The fitness band cum smart watch has drinking water reminder to keep you hydrated and steps and calories monitor to keep a fitness check. You can also get your whatsapp and call notifications to keep your phone from getting robbed or falling while you travel.

Shoes that rule the trip!

Whether you are strolling the seaside or wandering foothills, having a perfect pair of shoes will keep your feet comfortable even for long hours. Pick up the best sneakers because you don’t need to tie shoelaces, sports shoes to travel, trek or run comfortably, sandals or beach slippers to enjoy a peaceful walk by the beach.

Lights will guide you Home!

Caught in power cut, car’s broken down at night or camping in the woods, Solar Torch and compass comes to your rescue. Handy and easy to use, it an essential equipment for every travel lover. So next time when you are all set for vacation, don’t forget to include this on your packing list.

Stay Connected!

You are in the midst of a great adventure and after a few hours of surfing, picture taking, emailing and uploading, yours phone battery is almost dead. Luckily, you can now charge your phone with portable power bank. Small and stylish, powerful and portable, power bank is easy to carry gadget that nicely fits into purse, pocket or bag.

Your Travel Buddy for Life!

Keep all your important documents while traveling with Passport Organiser, an essential accessory for any well-organized traveller. Easy to reach when you are in hurry, it also protects all documents from avoiding any damage like folding pages, ripping, getting wet from rains, spills and so on.

Style with Grace!

One of the great fashion accessories, Sunglasses are of extreme importance when it comes to protecting your eyes when traveling. Carry your own shades that will help you see more clearly during whichever destination you choose for outdoor activities.

Esmilee please! Or Say Cheese!

Imagine you are standing in the midst of beautiful scenery or on the top of the hill and no one to take your pictures along with, disappointing right? Well, with Selfie Stick there is no shrugging or no looking downward, a handy tool for getting the camera in places, usually you can’t. So whether its a roller coaster ride, skateboard stunts or flying high in the sky, with Selfi Stick you can capture your picture perfect moments easily.

Multi-tool in your Pocket!

Chopping wood, opening a can, fixing up your tent, removing splinters, cutting a rope, you just name it and Swiss Army Knife is here to help you. Portable and easy to carry, this multipurpose tool has aided happy traveler through thick and thin when vacationing.

Don’t spill the beans, just Seal it!

Keeping packets of biscuits, bread, chips and other food stuff again in your travel bag is really frustrating. Having a set of clip lock/bag lock ensures that you re-seal the packet food when you want to eat some more from the bag. Keep this accessory when travelling to lock away temptation, to keep and retain freshness all time.

Travel + Leisure!

Avoid those uncomfortable travel experiences, especially when you are on an airplane, a train or even in a car with travel pillow. Designed to fully support your head, they are your best travel companion when enjoying sound sleep while travelling.

Plug-in the fun

We always travel with a good collection of devices – laptop, tablet, smart phone, camera. So  a Universal plug is a must have. The  universal plug with spy security is one innovative product that works  as a spy camera to capture who wanders around your gadgets to steal them. It ensures safety from theft in hotel rooms too.