Importance of Yoga

“Inhale peace, exhale stress,take a deep breath, relax your body”. Yes ! It is is the most talked about subject ‘YOG(A)’. Many people wonder how this slow and lazy looking exercise is relevant in today’s fast and furious life. Is it a mere hyped status symbol for wealthy or Rich?. If not, what are the benefits of Yoga and Meditation?

The word YOG(A) has been derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘UNION’, the union of soul with the superior being. According to The Geeta, YOG(A) has been defined as “YogahKarmasu kushlam” which means YOG(A) is excellence at work. According the theory of Karma when one does one’s work with devotion and dedication it becomes YOG(A). It is basically a way of salvation. Physical exercise, breathing and meditation are only a few steps towards the ultimate goal.

Very few of us are interested in the salvation side of it. Most of us are more inclined to the importance of YOG(A) and meditation in our mundane world. So not pouring much ‘gyan’ here I will introduce you to a few important beneficial side effects of YOG(A). According Mr.Mitesh Joshi ,YOG(A) instructor at Naaptol , who was also in news in 2012 for painless delivery of his wife using EFT, these are side effects because they are- incentives of doing YOG(A), which aims at spiritual salvation.

It gives
Better physical and mental health
Better metabolic rate
Enhances better concentration and hence better productivity
Emotional stability
Harmonious relationships

Yoga also teaches creative visualisation which can help achieve personal and professional goals

Yoga also helps to heal various physical ailments.

And greatest of all YOG (A) awakens the power of mind which are unmatched with any worldly power.

Besides above benefits ‘YOG (A) ‘ has proved to be a good anti-aging recipe, there are different exercises which will help getting beautiful hair and skin

Humans can conquer the world if they can streamline the power of mind and this can happen only with YOG (A). There are some organisations which have identified the importance of yoga in enhancing the productivity and happiness among their employees.

yoga_matYoga is for everyone. It is some of the few things which every common human can do. It does not need an elaborate set-up. A comfortable Yoga mat and a mind full of dedication and devotion is enough.

A few minutes spent on your Yoga mat will gift the world a ‘Wonderful You”