The Secret Wedding Shopping

Shopping! Secret! How can shopping be secret, especially when it comes to girls?

It can be when it comes to shopping for bridal lingerie; the would-be-bride prefers to confine it to her very close friends.

Every girl wants to look her best for her wedding. From days spent at the gym and beauty parlour for that perfect body shape and skin tone, to months spent prior to the wedding planning for everything to ensure that she looks her best. Unfortunately, “Wedding Lingerie ” – an integral element is often overlooked; possibly because of this secrecy.

Lingerie and nightwear play a great role in your big day than you might imagine. The day is all about YOU, so be it an extravagant sari, a gorgeous lehenga or a beautiful white gown, to feel really stunning and comfortable, you need the perfect lingerie that will suit your body, feel like second skin and will amaze your groom when the lights go out as well.

If you are not sure how to choose your perfect bridal lingerie, go through our lingerie guide to choose the perfect ones for you:

Pick some sensuous colours: Lingerie is not just about lacy underwear or sad looking white bras; today it combines practicality with sense of fashion. Pick lingerie or nightwear that makes you feel good and you think he will like too!

Quick tip: Pick something in colours and fabrics that you know you look good in and your partner will like. In our experience, lace or satin in red or black rarely miss the mark.

Comfort is perennially important: Since wedding ceremonies can be time-consuming, you should buy something which is comfortable. Remember to buy your correct size, too tight or ill-fitting under-clothing will not only look bad, but may discomfort you greatly. Pick something which not just looks pretty and matches your outfit, but also feels good to skin, lets it breath and provides good support and fit.

Quick tip: Try the lingerie you buy along with the dresses you are planning to wear on the special occasion.

Lingerie also includes nightwear: You can play around with variety of styles that complement your body type. Lengthy ones, in opaque fabrics, are what you should go for if you are very shy. One thing that always works is an elegant nighty set. You can try them in different prints and colours. They provide good coverage and you can play around with slits on the sides or front. .

Don’t leave it for the last day

If you are looking for the perfect look on your wedding day, it makes sense to go shopping for bridal lingerie in advance. While a month ahead would be too early and not cater for last-minute body weight changes, leaving it for the last day would make things too rushed and not leave enough time for choosing the right fit, material or design. A good idea to set out shopping roughly a week before the wedding. This will give you enough scope to try out different labels and stores and settle for one that works best.

Shop and pack for honeymoon:

After your wedding day, your honeymoon is a chance to really push the limits. Get something romantic, yet daring and seductive. Shop for both day and night wear. Don’t stick to just one colour or design; buy lingerie that will be fun to wear on a honeymoon. Finally, remember that lingerie includes sleepwear, shapewear, shorts, and night dresses. Just to be on the safer side, pack a long satin robe for the hotel.