Turn Sunshine in to Savings!

This summer turn sunshine into savings with Solar Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern. Solar LED Lantern has many advantages over electric lighting. The warm glow given off by this solar-powered lantern is absolutely stunning. And because it is powered by the sun, you don’t have to worry about messy wires or expensive electric bills. It can be carried and used anywhere. One can beautify their home with clean, safe, renewable energy from the sun or use as outdoor lightning to set the right ambiance for a get-together.

Benefits of Solar Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern:

  1. Cost-effective: As the energy is derived directly from the sun, it works free of costs. This emergency lamp can be widely used where lightning is essential all the time. It definitely save energy and money on your electricity bills
  2. Environment Friendly: Unlike other lantern, it does not include any chemicals or gases to produce energy. The device draws energy directly from the sun and hence is Eco-friendly and safe for everyone
  3. Low Maintenance: Solar Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern is easy to maintain or repair. To avoid accumulation of dusts, it need to be dusted once in a week and can last for lifetime
  4. Quick Installation: They are easy to install as it does not include any wires or electric circuits
  5. Additional Feature: It has solar & electrical charging and a power bank USB port to charge other electronic devices

Light your garden or balcony, or use it indoors to brighten your home, these handy & compact Solar Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern is a great alternative to the traditional emergency lighting.