5 Footcare Tips For Summer

While we give so much importance to our hearts and our brains (which, no doubt, are our vital organs) and strive to have an ever glowing face, but what about our feet, our feet that helps us move from one place to the other, our feet that takes us around the world? Can you imagine how life would have been if we did not have our feet! But, since we have them (and thank god for that), we should take good care of them and keep them healthy and hygienic.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a good health of our feet:

Pedicure: Cutting and shaping of nails on a timely basis will prevent your nails from breaking (even, by any chance, when you stumble) and your feet would look neat. Make sure that you use a nice toenail clipper instead of an old rusty one, and, this is important, make sure that it is yours and not someone else’s.

Allow Air to Get In: During summer we sweat a lot (which is quite natural), and our feet is one area where concentration of sweat is more as we usually keep our feet enclosed in tight shoes; our soggy feet produces a terrible odour which fills the air and causes a great deal of discomfort to others and embarrassment to us. Besides, there is also a possibility of your feet catching various infections. Therefore, to remedy this problem, it is better to wear sandals (check out flip flops) or open shoes that allow air to get in. There are different types of shoes that will provide you comfort (and, at the same time, that would not compromise in the matter of style), for instance, you can have a look at boat shoes, sneakers, loafers, etc.

Use Some Cream or Powder: Before going out in the open, use a little cream or powder that can protect your feet and stop them from producing bad smell.

A Good Pair of Socks: A good pair of socks should be able to absorb the moisture from your feet and, at the same time, will not smell, so be somewhat generous and buy a good pair of socks.

This Thing Called Calluses: Calluses is the hard skin that forms on the sole of our feet. Use the right size of shoes and, whenever you can, scrub the soles of your feet (more like a little foot massage) and wash them with clean water (lukewarm, if possible), and that’s how you prevent calluses.