Most Popular Wedding Gift Ideas Of 2017

The start of summer is not only earmarked for getaways and vacations, but also wedding invitations. As much as we all love to be a part of the wedding celebrations, one thing that many of us are perplexed about is the inevitable gift giving.

If you’re going to be wedding hopping this summer, consider these simple, useful, affordable, and easy gift solutions that will satisfy the newlyweds without affecting your budget.

  1. Kitchen Appliances: Newly married couples are often starting fresh, so considering kitchen appliances as gifts helps the bride and groom to get started on their new life together. Basic appliances like mixers & grinders, food makers, microwaves & grills, set of utensils, dinnerware & serveware, kitchen storage, bar & wine accessories and so on can be the best wedding gifts for them.
  2. Home Essentials: If you want to steer away from the traditional wedding gifts and want to pick unique one, then Home Decor items like bedsheets, quilts, bean bags, lamps & lighting, wall decor or storage cabinets will certainly stand out in the eyes of the couple.
  3. Jewellery / Accessories: It’s hard to think about a wedding gift without one’s mind drifting to jewellery for the bride. Bracelets, bangles, pendants, chains, necklaces, rings or a combo of all of them together fit best into the list. And for grooms, designer watches, fitness band, sunglasses or single bead chain is the best to pick.
  4. Gadgets: Giving the best gadgets like DVD & media player, Home Speakers, MP3 Players and iPods, Camcorder or Digital cameras to a wedding couple will definitely please them and make them remember every time they use it.

Cheers to all who are boarding on a new life together (and those shopping for their gifts)!

Happy Wedding! Happy Shopping!