5 Best Spy Cameras to Protect Your Valuables

How do you keep a track of your valuables that you fear can be stolen? How do you prove what you are saying is right? How do you provide the evidence to show that someone is guilty of something (cheating, theft, etc)? These are difficult questions, no doubt, but thanks to modern technology which has the answer to all these questions. Smart spy gadgets are here for your assistance.

You cannot be by the side of your house, your car, or any other item or persons of importance, thus there is a chance that something might occur in your absence. Now, you may think that the idea of a camera (or should we say hidden eye) in a pen, in your keychain, your watch, spectacles, etc, almost illusionary, but this is very much a reality. You can protect your values in the following ways:

1. CCTV Camera and Anti-Theft Tracking Devices: Your house and your car are the two most valuable material assets you possess and there must not be any compromise on their security. CCTV camera have been quite popular for quite some time but many people are yet to use this device and protect their valuables. Another important device that people should start using is the anti-theft tracking device, which is a portable devices that can be used to help in finding the location of your car.

2. Camera Like a button: In the shape of a button of your shirt or coat, you can actually carry a camera and yet not raise the suspicion of the onlookers who would rather think it is a button, but you know the truth and you can easily record what you have to. Check out Being Trendy HD Button Camera.

3. Power of a Pen: We all know the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, but come to think of it, what and how would you feel if you can not only write but also record voices and videos with your pen? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Such a device has been invented and you can easily avail it paying a little money. Pen that may seem normal by the look of it, but comes with special feature to give you more power.

4. Watch that Watches: Gone are the days when you could only see time in your watch, now your watch can do lot more. Aside from timekeeping, smartwatches provide you the facility of playing music, clicking photos, recording videos and voices, doing calculation, surfing the internet, etc.

5. An Eye Upon an Eye: Apart from looking stylish, now you have an added purpose to wearing your eyeglasses, that is, to record high definition videos. Others would think it is just your spectacles while you know better. You can record the information that is relevant and the recordings can be used for your reference afterwards.

–Ramu Das