Best Budget Speakers For Music Lovers

Music is the perhaps the best thing that has happened to the world. We tune in to different genres of music as per the demand of our situation, and sometimes whether there is a demand or not, we simply listen to music. Music keeps us motivated, enlightens our mood, gives purpose to our lives, and does so much more. But let’s say you are listening to the soft Ghazal of Jagjit Singh but suddenly the speaker starts blaring, how would you feel? No doubt, you may feel like throwing the damn speaker out the window. Whether it is rock music that you like listening to or old Hindi songs, or some reggae music, etc, we want to listen to it without being disturbed. Therefore, for us to enjoy some great music without any hindrance, we have to make sure that we have the right kind of speakers, which produces high quality sound, which can make you feel good. With the advancing technology we want to get the best of the things we buy, so we expect the speakers to be compatible with USB and SD card slots and have built-in FMs.

Now, you may think that the right kind of speakers are meant only for a certain class of people, but that is not so. Multimedia speakers are not a kind of luxury that only the rich can possess. Everybody can have them at a very affordable price without compromising on their quality. To see is to believe, therefore, have a look at the following:

Intex 4.1 Home Theatre: Intex is one the best Indian brands. The intex 4.1 HIntex 4.1 Home Theatreome Theatre is made of wood and ABS plastic and it has one main woofer and four power speakers, rotary type of volume control and bass control, built in amplifier and full function IR remote. The actual price of this product is Rs. 2999, however, at Naaptol you can get it for Rs. 2599.

Zebion Wrapsody WD1 Tower Speaker: This speaker system is unique has an elegant design which adds beauty to your home; it has an extraordinary clarity and high efficiency, which makes it absolutely worth your money’s value. The cost of this product is Rs. 14600, but, wait, there is a good news for you, Naaptol is happy to offer you a discount of 41% on it, and, so, you get this wonderful tower speaker for only Rs. 8599.

I Kall 7.1 Channel TA-777 Speaker System: It has one subwoofer and seven satellite speakers. The speakers can be easily connected to cellphones, PC/laptops, TV/LCD/LED, VCD/DVD, MP3 music systems, etc. The original cost of this product is Rs. 4999, but Naaptol is presently providing a startling discount of 50%, bringing the price down to Rs. 2499.

Envent Musique 4.1 Multimedia Wired Home Audio Speaker: It features one subwoofer and four satellite speakers, and it can be connected to PC/Laptop, TV/LCD/LED, VCD/DVD, MP3 music systems, etc. Also it has an LED display, built-in FM, USB and SD card slots and state of the art remote controls. The MPR of this product is Rs. 3999. With a whopping 55% discount at Naaptol, it comes to Rs. 1799 only.

Well, that’s not all. To view a complete range of great multimedia speakers that one can easily afford, please click here . No matter where you are, in the kitchen cooking some dish or while you are on your bed before you fall asleep, listen to your favourite music and have a good time.

-Ramu Das