10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Biking is no doubt an enjoyable and a convenient experience; at times, however, many bikers get overexcited when riding their bikes and forget to take some safety measures. Accidents by bikes stand at a higher number as compared to accidents by cars, and while you have a huge chance of lesser injury in a car, in a bike the injury can be severe. If you are a biker, which means only you are accountable for your own protection, we have a few tips that can only help in enhancing your biking experience and in protecting your precious life.

Wear a good helmet: It is an offense to not wear your helmets while you ride. But many people seem to take pleasure in disobeying the rules without realizing the rules are only for their own protection. Fatal injury to the head would be a sure loss of life, therefore, wear helmet, protect your head! But do not go for an ordinary helmet just to save a few rupees; buy a good one. Do remember, like you your helmet also becomes old, so after using one helmet for sometime, do consider buying a new one. To get a great deal on helmets, click here.

Riding Gloves: While riding, as you grip the handlebar of your bike, sweat accumulates in your hand, making it slippery, especially when your are going on a long ride. To avoid that problem and to protect your fingers and palms, you should use riding gloves.

Knee and elbow protectors: As you maneuver your bike in every twist and turn of the road, there would be chances of something going wrong. Knees and elbows are most prone to be affected in case of even a slight fall. Take precaution and get yourself a pair of knee and elbow guards.

Comfortable seats: Is the seat of your bike too hard? Does it irritate you, especially when your bike jolts in a bumpy road? If the answer is yes, then, perhaps, you should try replacing the old seat with a newer, softer, and, perhaps, better one.

Something bright: Many a times it becomes difficult for drivers or other bikers to see you and their speeding vehicles may collide with yours, so to avoid such a situation wear some bright color dresses or install a flashing valve cap in the wheel of your bike. The flashing wheels and bright cloths will make you more visible, and thus avoid collision.

Face mask and Sunglasses: Wearing face masks and sunglasses while riding can protect you from uninvited and unwanted dust, pollution and flying insects or any other objects.

Indicate your direction: The vehicles behind you would not know which direction you intend to go to and suddenly when you, without showing an indication take a right or a left turn, the vehicles coming behind may run over you. To avoid this problem, always use the indicator while changing your direction.

Keep your bike clean: The daily use of your bike would slowly wane its functioning capabilities, but if you take up some steps to maintain it well, your bike would seem as new as it ever was. Keep your bike in a good condition, get the bike cleaning product, check Ultimate Bike Cleaning Combo at Naaptol.

Don’t drink and ride: If you are drunk, the last thing you should do is ride a bike. After a few drops you may think that your bike is a fighter jet or other such thing. Alcohol makes one do strange things.

Avoid riding when the weather is extremely bad: Riding in adverse weather conditions (when there is a storm, when the road is muddy or slippery) can be risky, so do not be so adventurous as to ride in such conditions.

Ramu Das