Astounding Benefits to Love Cotton Bedsheets

In summer, the bedding you choose can make a huge difference in your comfort level to enjoy sound sleep. To escape the scorching heat in summer, it is highly recommended to opt cotton bedsheets to stay cool in your bed when air conditioning is not an option.

Following are some good reasons why you should choose Cotton Bedsheets:

  1. Cotton absorbs moisture easily keeping you cool in summer and warmer in winters
  2. It is soft to touch, breathable and skin-friendly ensuring comfortable sleep without any skin allergies
  3. The weaves of this material is highly durable, resist wrinkles, and bring down the cost of the material as it will last years to come
  4. They are easy to wash and maintain, as stains are easily removed either hand or machine washing

Quick tips when buying Cotton Bedsheets:

1) Size: Mattress sizes can vary, and you want to make sure you are getting the right size for your bed. Measure the depth of the matters and check whether you want to pick single, double or queen size bedsheet.

2) Designs/patterns: If you have print or any decorative designs on the wall then opt for plain bed sheets. Similarly, if you have plain walls or no decor go for printed bed sheets to add some jazz in the room. However, Jaipuri or Digital prints are the new entrants in the world of designs that gives a whole new look and enhance the interiors of the room.

3)Shades: Always opt for bright shade bed sheets that will compliment the plain walls of your room. And to compliment the decorative walls in the room, go for simple or plain ones.