Quick Recipes for Bachelors

Cooking meals can be a tedious task for some busy bachelors who are staying away from their families. And after a long day at work or college, eating food from outside becomes boring at one point. So ditch those restaurants or roadside food and awaken your inner-chef by opting essential kitchen appliances right away.

Breakfast on the go!
Egg is easier to cook when it comes to breakfast. Scrambled eggs and boiled eggs with toast bread is the way to go. Eggs can even be microwaved that takes only a minute to 90 seconds in a mug or a deep cup to cook! And if you are vegetarian, a plain oats with skimmed milk and handful of dry fruits in a microwave bowl is an apt way to kick off your day.

Morning Snacks
Invest in some good hand blender / mixer that will help you in preparing sumptuous smoothies and shakes in say five minutes. With the help of bottles or shake jars you can easily carry them at your work. Moreover, you can munch on some crushed nuts, biscuits or protein bars in the air-tight storage set to maintain its freshness & crunchiness.

Pack your lunch
Roti, an essential part of our daily meal takes a lot of time when making them in the morning, and not only bachelors but many women struggles to make those round and fluffy ones. Keep all your worries aside and opt for Atta maker that takes care of all your kneading requirements without creating a mess in your kitchen wherein Roti maker makes perfectly fluffy and round rotis in no time.

Evening Munching
Who doesn’t love to munch on some fried foods, isn’t it? But eating fried food has its own health risks too. In order to avoid unhealthy eating habits, investing on good quality Air Fryer can save you from extra calories. Popcorn & instant snack maker is again a good option to pop popcorns, roast peanuts/dry fruits/papad and so on instantly.

Relaxing Dinner
Dinner is the perfect time where one enjoys to munch on the entire meal. Prepare rice, boil eggs, prepare instant noodles, brew soup, with precise settings in a matter of seconds with Multi-cooker. And if you want to be on the healthier side, opting Electric Barbecue can help you to cook tasty grilled foods within the comfort of your home.

With these handy kitchen appliances, one can definitely cook sumptuous food and spend more time with other activities too.

Nikita Padave