Top 8 Ideas on Men’s Denim Style Guide

When it comes to style, comfort, quality and variety, perhaps there is nothing better than denim. Though you can use denim for every occasion but at times you need to be a little mindful of some occasions. If you have adventure on your mind or some hard manual work to do ahead, perhaps you can try some rugged style of denim, while if you plan to go to office, you might consider a little formal denim. At parties and other gatherings you can wear casuals, and while you go to see some concerts (particularly rock concerts), you might like to get a punk feel, and so, you may consider wearing decorative denim that comes with some badges and logos.
As denims come in so many different colors and patterns, in what style you should consider sporting them seems a confusing thing. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

  1. Skinny fit with canvas sneakers: This is for people who have a lean figure. Here the size of the jeans get narrower from the thighs to the legs (tapered). Skinny fit jeans feel very comfortable, almost as your own skin, and that when accompanied with a colored sneaker, you would look great.
  2. Straight fit for a casual look: The size of these types of jeans are more or less similar from thigh to the ankle. This is for people who have a normal build physique. Use a plain T-shirt with your jeans and a slim strap (woven or leather) accompanied by leather shoes to get a casual look.
  3. Slim fit: In between skinny and straight fit denims comes the slim fit. This is for people who have an athletically built body. They are not as tight as skinny fit types are, that is, they don’t hug the skin, neither are they too loose (which falls under another category called the relaxed fit).
  4. Boot leg jeans: These types of jeans have a wider bottom. They cover your boot. In the past Cowboys and country folks were often seen wearing boot leg jeans, nowadays many fashionable folks can be seen wearing them.
  5. Customized: These are denims which comes with patches and embroidery work, giving you a rock star kind of a look.
  6. Formal look with jeans pant and full sleeved shirt: Here you don’t want any logos or other embroidery work on your attire. This look is for your workplace and you should look cool, not rowdy.
  7. Ripped jeans: Blue denim jeans looks great with some artful repairs and modified styles which can be done with some slashes and holes. If you wish to look fashionable and carefree, try wearing ripped jeans.
  8. Bleached out: This kind of jeans bring back the 70’s and 80’s look alive. Some jeans look more beautiful as they age. So, how can you get a new pair of jeans which seem old enough to be considered of the 70’s or 80’s? Well, you go and get bleached out jeans.

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