Big Diwali. Big Savings. Here’s How!

Festive season shopping is on and nothing can excite us more than the word ‘Sale’! There are huge discounts on offer all around. Exciting as they may be, sometimes a sale can land us in a serious financial crisis because we can’t help but buy extra when the prices are slashed. So with all those big Diwali and year-end sales coming up, we decided to give you some valuable online shopping tips for making the best out of these sales.

  • Wish-list: Do not jump onto the online shopping without any preparation. Pen a wish-list of the products that you wish to buy. Searching the product on the relevant website will not only save your time but will also help you to grab best deals from all. For instance, when searching clothes online, opt for the website that is dedicated to selling latest trends and fashion in the similar section.
  • Comparison: Whether you are planning to buy clothes, kitchen essentials or getting a new furniture for your home, all you need to do is compare. The thumb rule of online shopping is cross-checking the price on various portals. All you can do is shortlist the products and compare them. This will ensure that you do not miss a mega deal of particular product.
  • App-only Offers: Online shopping goes hand in hand with the app, so install them. Why? Because most online shopping sites offer major discounts on their apps to notify you of their exclusive deals. Some of them even offer huge discounts on your first purchase through the app. Therefore, it makes sense to have the latest version of the app installed on your smartphone even before you start browsing.
  • Cashback, Debit & Credit Cards, e-Wallets: Gone are the days when the malls and other shopping places used to offer huge discounts. Today, shopping via bankcards or wallets helps you to chase the best & top deals when purchasing online. These cards and wallets, if used properly helps to avail extra discounts and interest-free zero-cost EMIs.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Every year brands run campaigns during this festive period and following them on their social media platforms helps you to grab the best deals. Ensure that you follow your favourite brands and participate in their campaigns and if you are lucky you might grab some exciting rewards.