Bring Festivities Home With These Super Quick Home Decor Ideas

Diwali. With the very mention of the word, the first thing that comes to mind is a décor that’s vibrant, full of flowers, twinkling diyas, bright colours and a super-clean home. It’s gorgeous, plush and steeped in tradition. It is a time for the celebration of togetherness, greetings, gifting and relishing delicious food with family and friends.

During this magical time of the year, decorating your home can take many forms from the traditional to the more contemporary approach. Whichever way you choose to decorate your home, one element remains the same, creating a warm and joyous atmosphere. Here are some great and quick ideas for creating the ultimate ambience for Diwali 2017.

  • Start with de-cluttering: Festival preparations always start with de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing of the home. Identify the objects that are redundant and let go of them. It is quite natural to have a lot of unused items over a period of time. It is also believed that clutter and dump carry negative vibes which we should get rid of at regular intervals. Most importantly, de-cluttering will get the rest of things like cleaning and decorating done faster.
  • Get your tools ready for Diwali cleaning:  After de-cluttering, in order for you to start cleaning your house, you need certain tools and cleaners. Whether it is cleaning dirty floors with the latest floor cleaning agent or a high-tech home cleaning equipment that can help you clean cabinets and shelves better, it is always a good idea to invest in products that can simplify the cleaning process.
  •  Organize the living spaces: Make your home look bright and festive with gold accents, funky and neon colour combinations. Use beautiful curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers to bring a new look to your home. Always keep the kitchen counter clean and free of clutter. Do not forget to remove old spices, empty bottles of sauces and unused food packets. To organize your kitchen can use Stainless Steel Storage & Serving sets that give your kitchen a neat and upscale look. Also, use cane baskets to store your fruits and vegetables as it makes it look much neater and prettier.
  • The Decoration: Enhance the house’s exterior look by introducing beautiful door hangings and make Rangoli at the entrance to welcome your guests. You can also decorate Rangolis in the corners of your living room. Use colourful light lamps and do not forget to burn aroma candles or incenses sticks in your living room to spread the aroma in the house. Place a bowl of water with flower petals and floating candles or a floating Rangoli on the table. Place some dry fruits, fruits and traditional sweets along with some beverages to take care of your guests’ taste buds.
  • Budget-friendly DIY decor: Put your talent and creativity to good use and make your own Diwali decorations at home without losing the festive spirit. Use your old bottles or mason jar and place candle in it or you can improvise on your own homemade candles with egg shells, seashells or even fruit peels.
  • Eco-friendly/Greener Diwali: One can use traditional oil diyas or earthen lamps as a replacement to the candles and electric diyas. For rangolis, switch to flowers or rice powder as ingredients to make a natural rangoli. Diwali is the festival of lights, so avoid heavy power bulbs or lights and opt for CFL bulbs and LED lights that use 30-80% less energy.


Have more Diwali Home Decor Ideas? Do share with us in the comments below. Have a Happy & Prosperous Diwali and a wonderful year ahead.

Have a Happy & Prosperous Diwali 2017 and a wonderful year ahead.