Get Ready to Host Diwali 2017 Party with these Quick Ideas

With Diwali just a few days away, it’s time for the biggest celebrations in the festive season. If you’re planning to call friends for an impromptu get-together, here are some last-minute preparation ideas that will certainly help you get party ready.

  • Get Party-Ready: It’s your party and I am sure you want to make a unique statement at the event, isn’t it? Choosing the perfect outfit along with complimenting jewellery will enhance your overall look. And if you got too busy in Diwali cleaning or at the office, just before the holidays, and didn’t get time to visit salons; opting for instant facial masks is the best way to get that party glow. Don’t forget to use that magical shapewear for a perfectly toned look.
  • Home Decor: You can decorate your walkways into the house with colourful light lamps. Make a flower rangoli at the main entrance of the house to welcome your guests with a special message. You can also light up some decorative diyas on the dining table or as a centerpiece in the living room to add that festive touch. Add bright and colourful bedsheets, cushions and pillows for a vibrant party ambience.
  • Food & Drinks: Indian festivals are incomplete without food and drinks. Choose your drinks depending on what your guests prefer. You must stock up common beverages like healthy juices, soft drinks, mocktails etc. Opt for starters, finger size snackers and appetizers and keep circulating them on elegant serving sets to keep the guests busy and full while enjoying the party. A Barbeque party on the terrace or backyard is a great idea to add that quirky twist to your party.
  •  Party Games: Consider spicing up your party with games like the card game, tambola, crack the movie, light the candle etc. Do not forget to arrange rewards for the winners of the game. It will encourage participation and you will have a gala time.
  • Set the mood with music: Arrange a Home Theater and speakers so that you can play soft music with some party songs to set the right mood. Ensure that you don’t keep it too loud. Have a playlist handy for uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • End with a Gift: Giving gifts actually depends on your budget but at the same time, you don’t have to give away lavish gifts. You can just opt online shopping options and pick combos of Sarees, Serving & Storage Sets, Pooja Sets, Silver Ganesha or any kitchen essentials for your family and friends as a return gift.

So how are you throwing a party this Diwali? Let us know in the comment section below.