To-Do-Guide for Pre-Wedding Preparations

The minute you get engaged, thousands of things pop-up in your head for the next event, isn’t it? The wedding is certainly one of the most memorable and cherished days in everyone’s life. And as we all know that Indian weddings are an elaborate affair it involves a lot of preparation right from Sangeet to Mehandi, Baraat to Bidaai, and so on.

Whether your wedding is in 3 months or 12, the excitement levels are off the charts. Your to-do list will seem never ending till the last minute of your D-Day. And in order to avoid last minute chaos, here is the most important to-do-guide for Pre-wedding preparations that we all tend to forget.

 1. Necessary Skin Indulgence

Everyone wants a glowing skin for the walk down the aisle, but how do you achieve this? With countless treatments that are available in salons at this time of the year for brides-to-be, there are many therapies that you can do on your own if your wedding is around the corner. If you really want to get your skin in top form, it’s recommended that you start a smart skin care routine few months in advance. Adopt good skincare habits as soon as possible- drink enough water,  go on a fruit detox diet, keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, pamper your skin with scrubs, cleansers, face packs. While advising is very easy, we understand how difficult it is to find time within the hectic schedule to visit salons and get things done. While nothing can replace expert treatments, picking up home facial kits that are suitable for your skin type is a great starter.

Tip: Pick Home Facial Kits that contains extracts of Pearl, Diamond, Gold or Silver suitable for your skin texture to look fabulous on your wedding. Instant collagen facial masks are also great to smoothen, hydrate and nourish your skin instantly.

2) Kick that Belly Fat Away

With all the sweets pouring in days before your wedding, it leaves little scope for you to think about weight issues. No one wants to run through their wedding pictures later and feel disheartened about their bulging stomach, isn’t it? Even amid the stress of wedding planning, it is possible to stick to a healthy diet and fitness program to lose weight. All you need to do is stay focused, exercise well, drink lots of water, eat healthy, limit the servings, cut down booze and sleep on time. It might be a challenge for you but it will be worth the effort for a slimmer and toned up body.

Tip: Opting Body Shapers and Slimmers is a great idea to look fit and toned on your wedding day in case you cheated on your weight loss program.

3. Hair Care

For many brides-to-be, getting picture-worthy hair is a major task. A good hair care routine ensures a fab hair day and will give you more choices as far as styling goes. Today more and more brides are ditching the expensive parlour treatments and opting for DIY treatments. Also, homemade therapies are a great alternative to the time consuming and expensive salon treatments. So, for all the brides-to-be who are looking for something economical yet effective for their hair can try Egg and Curd for nourished hair, Olive oil lime juice for dandruff in the scalp and hair, Coconut and Mustard oil for stronger hair or Vinegar wash treatment for shiny hair.

Tip: You can opt for Instant Hair Building Fibers if you want to make your hair look fuller and thicker on your D-Day.

Amidst all the rush to gear up for your D-day, we are sure that this priority checklist will help you in making the right decision for your big day.