Top Tips to Pre-up for the Winter 2017!

Winter is approaching and it is that time of the year when you think twice to go outside and enjoy the weather, isn’t it? So keep the chill at bay by stocking up everything you would need to enjoy a perfect wintertime.

Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you pass through the colder months comfortably.

Winter Skin Care Tips:

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin on the face, hands, and feet. And if you haven’t started your winter skincare ritual yet, here is a quick guide to your transition to an effective winter skin care routine:

  • Take a few drop of Tea-tree, Almond or Grape Seed oil to moisturize your body skin before going to bed
  • Sprinkle a handful of Bath Salts to scrub your body while bathing as they exfoliate dead cells and provide smooth and healthy skin
  • Carry a Lip Butter with you all time to moisturize your lips
  • Make it a habit to oil your hair before every wash for shiny & bouncy hair. It also helps your hair to retain its lost moisture

Stay Fit & Healthy:

Walking or running on treadmills, and lifting weights indoors can become pretty monotonous. But just because it’s chilled outside doesn’t mean you can’t train outside. With these must-have winter workout tips make sure you meet your fitness goals without any excuses.

  • If you are going to run outside then you need a Jacket that is light enough so you don’t overheat but still keeps you warm
  • Layer up! Be sure to wear Long Sleeve Tops that won’t affect your workout when it’s too chilled outside
  • You need a decent pair of socks. A Knee High Socks will add another layer to keep your calves warm
  • Lastly, blade shoes are an important part that will keep your feet warm without disturbing your training sessions

Must-Have Winter Wardrobe:

When it is summer, the idea is to wear lighter and smaller outfits but when it comes to winter, most of us feel that fashion and style have to take a back seat. There is actually plenty of choices like Denim Jackets or Full Sleeves Tops for men and Shawls or Scarfs for women. Follow these simple guidelines and make your own style statement this winter.

  • Jeans- A perfect for winter as they allow you to layer multiple items on top for warmth
  • leather jacket or pants that you can mix with everything and wear over tights
  • A scarf that also doubles as a blanket when your office thermostat is stuck around 60 degrees
  • High Ankle Boots for men to wear on jeans wherein women can wear with miniskirts and tights
  • Sweater looks great with a collared shirt and goes with everything including midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers and leather pants

Winter Ready Home:

As temperatures drop down, your home needs a little extra care to keep it in top-notch shape throughout the winter. The comforts of a cozy, warm home in winter can help you forget about the short days and the multiple layers of clothing. Following a maintenance schedule throughout the year will certainly benefit you in the winter. These guidelines can help you weather the winter season with a well-maintained home.

  • Keep the warmth in and the cold out by installing Glass Panel Room Heater to provide complete warmth to the house
  • Instant Electric Heating Tap that will help you in making instant hot drinks, cleaning vegetables, sterilizing bottles, hot water in bathrooms in seconds
  • Pick high-quality Quilts, Blankets, or Comforters that will ensure sound sleep even in extreme cold (Buy combos so that you won’t run out of bedsheets during winter as it takes a lot of time for drying)
  • Don’t let the cold air scare you away from your grill. Enjoying sumptuous grill food by picking the right Electric Barbeque at the backside of the house or on the terrace is the best way spend quality time with your loved ones.

So if you haven’t already prepared for Winter 2017, then picking up from the above will make it hassle-free life. Do let us know if you have any other ideas to beat the cold.