7 Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet

Fashion changes according to seasons and what is ‘in’ one day is ‘out’ the next. But certain things like shirts or  t-shirts, jacket or denim, aren’t subject to the ever-changing tides of cyclical trends. They are essentials for every man.

Regardless of your budget, style or shape, we have rounded-up some basic clothing items that every man should have in his closet.

1) Shirts

A perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe is a couple of shirts in white and blue to serve you well. There is very little that won’t go with these shirts. Wear with a suit for a more casual look, under a jacket at the weekend or teamed with a pair of slim chinos and a statement belt; this is the most versatile item in your wardrobe.

2) T-shirts

Whether you are headed to the gym or are lounging when you have got a spare second, T-shirts are easy to pick, super-comfortable and the most essential part of men’s wardrobe. Layer it with your favorite jacket or simply throw a blazer on it, they give a perfect style statement for any occasion.  

3) Denims

Slim-fit denim is arguably the most versatile item you can ever own.- timeless and classic. Easy to wear, black or indigo slim jeans work with almost any look you can muster up. They will never fade out of fashion and will likely last for years.

4) Chinos

If denim isn’t for you, a good alternative to jeans is chinos. Pick the right colour and cut and they will easily transcend the realms of smart and casual wear. Keep things casual with a tee and wider fit chinos, or smarten the look with a shirt, smart overcoat and perfect pair of shoes.

5) Jacket

Versatile, easy-to-wear and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with stylish jacket ever. A leather jacket- ideal for attending music gigs, denim jacket- a perfect match for casual outings and a bomber jacket- a necessity for any stylish man from winter to spring.  

6) Shoes

Shoes are pretty much the icing on the cake when it comes to styling any complete outfit from head to toe. When you are dressing for formal events such as a wedding or dinner party the best way to compliment a dapper suit is to don a pair of leather dress shoes. Apart from this, basic casual or sports shoes are basic ones in the wardrobe go-to for years to come.

7) Other Accessories

Last but not least, kick your style up a notch with a formal/casual watch, bag and belt depending on your taste and style. Being well dressed is all about details and picking these accessories will instantly make an outfit look absolutely incredible.

Make your appearance dazzling and give a character to your appearance – just by adding these essentials to your wardrobe.