How to Summer-proof your Makeup!

From series of wedding parties to beach picnics and vacations, summer is full of exciting events – but melting makeup, smudging eyeliners are certainly not welcome on the list. Whether you are heading to the beach or preparing for your summer holiday, we have collated the best tips for keeping makeup fresh looking and long lasting, even when the weather is working against you.   

1) Keep it light

Summer is not the right time to wear heavy makeup- it will just melt it off. The less you put on, the less there is to slide off. Look for tinted moisturizers and lightweight under eye brighteners that give fresh face without feeling heavy on the skin.

2) Water-proof products

Whether you are diving into the deep end or lounging in a tropical climate, opt for waterproof eyeliner, kajal, foundation or lipstick that are lightweight, long-wearing and won’t smudge, crease or cakey, no matter how miserably hot and humid the weather is.

3) SPF-based make-up

Protect your skin from dryness, tanning, and premature ageing, especially during summer. Pick makeup with SPF content in it that will shield your skin from the heat outside and will make you look gorgeous.

4) Ditch the dark

Summer is all about natural beauty. So pack away your dark eyeshadows & lipsticks, and try some light or neutral shades for a dewy look.

5) Blot it out

Instead of repowdering throughout the day, keep oil-blotting sheets handy. Just dabbed over your face, as they soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup.

Quick Tip: Whether it is is for an everyday look or a special occasion, indulging facial treatments, drinking water or fresh juices throughout the day will keep your skin look fresh and pretty even in the summer heat.