10 Kitchen Essentials Every Newlyweds should Invest

You’re finally married, and now it’s time to take the ultimate plunge – moving in together!  An important step in building home is buying the right kitchen essentials for your home. The kitchen is the place where you and your partner will spend enjoyable moments dishing up recipes sprinkled with love.

So when you’re setting up your first kitchen, these 10 kitchen essentials will make prep work easier, shorten cooking times, and will add a burst of flavor to everyday meals.

1) Knives: A sharp chef’s knife is one of the most important tools in the kitchen, and if you buy the right one it will hold its edge and perform well for many years. We suggest high-carbon stainless-steel because it will not stain or rust.

2) Cutting Board: The right cutting board will protect the blades of your knives, prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, and simplify cleanup. We found polypropylene, a nonporous, odor-resisting plastic, to be incredibly durable and to require little in the way of care.

3) Blender: Blending soups and smoothies, chopping fruits and vegetables, even whipping egg whites or heavy cream, blenders is a must-have in the kitchen. Opt for one with a push-button control for continuous or pulse action.

4) Food Processor: If you want something to shred like magic, you may need a food processor. We suggest to pick manual food processor which takes up minimum counter space, food-grade plastic, stainless steel blade and is easy to clean and maintain.

5) Multi-Functional Smart Cooker: While it’s for boiling, deep-frying, shallow frying, roasting or steaming, Multi-Functional Smart Cooker is apt for daily & easy cooking. We suggest you to look for stainless steel body, non-stick coating with cool-touch handle and base for enhanced durability.

6) Electric Tandoor: If you like to bake or love to barbeque parties, having Electric Tandoor is a perfect addition to your kitchenware. We prefer selecting the model which occupies less space in the kitchen, easy to operate, compact and portable.

7) Pots & Pans: We suggest you look for different types and size of utensils that match your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Don’t forget to check if the equipment is sturdy, heavy enough to sit comfortably on the burner of the stove or induction. Other features to look for include stay-cool handles and low maintenance cost.

8) Spoons/Spatula: A must have kitchen essential for mixing or blending ingredients and also for serving food. Look for serving spoons or spatula that are long enough to reach deep into bowls, bottles, and cans and have a sturdy material for daily use.

9) Storage Set: Whether you have loads of leftovers, you need to store a bunch of dried goods, or you just have a lot of stuff, storage set is a must. Look for shapes that are easy to nest when not in use, and for sturdy containers that will hold up well over time.

10) Serving Set: Celebrations doesn’t end here. Family and friends will visit your new home, and having the right serving set will make it easier to serve in style. We suggest you to look for stainless steel or microwave safe set that will be a go-to for nearly every occasion you two host in your new space.

With time, as your experience and database of recipes grow, these basic kitchen essentials list has everything you need to create a delicious meal!